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If you have read some of the previous articles on our site and watched the free lessons from our ONLINE COURSE FOR DISPATCHERS, you probably have a good idea of what exactly a dispatcher does. (if you haven’t I invite

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How is it to be a truck driver in USA?

As someone who is in daily contact with truck drivers who spend most days during the year on the road, through years and years of cooperation and many friendships connected through work, I always felt the need to convey to

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Dispatch nomads edition Paris

​From Gaudí’s Barcelona we are moving to the city of lights Paris. We flew from Barcelona to Paris via Vienna. The price of the ticket was around 100 euros per person in economy class. Upon leaving the airport, we were

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Dispatch nomads edition Barcelona

At the time when we booked the flight from Athens to Barcelona, one of the cheaper options for a return ticket was from the airline Vueling. The flight takes about 3 hours, but allow at least 3 hours more for

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Dispatch nomads edition Santorini

Thanks to cheap airlines, going to this Greek island is now much more affordable than before. You have cheap direct flights all summer long from Belgrade to Santorini, and the option we chose is a flight from Athens, which can

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Dispatch nomads edition Athens

Our next destination is Athens. Maybe not the most beautiful capital of Europe, but in terms of the energy that rules the whole city and is similar to the Balkan mentality, it is in my opinion at the very top

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Dispatch nomads edition Volos

Just over two hours’ drive south of Thessaloniki by highway is needed to reach Volos. Most of the road is a highway that is very good, with several rest stops and lined with trees, with a view of the mountains

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While I was building a corporate career, I could not even think that there was such a job in the world where I would have the opportunity to spend three months a year at sea, and one month skiing, with the

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