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Dispatch nomads edition Athens

Our next destination is Athens.

Maybe not the most beautiful capital of Europe, but in terms of the energy that rules the whole city and is similar to the Balkan mentality, it is in my opinion at the very top of the list.

The journey from Volos to Athens takes just under 4 hours, and the first half of the journey takes you along the sea, which constantly follows you on the driver’s side. As it is already the middle of summer and the sun is in its full glory, we decided to set off at dawn.

Recommendations for accommodation is to definitely rely on Airbnb. The offer of apartments is varied and the prices are totally correct. Suggested location for an apartment… the wider center of Athens if you want important historical sites to be close to you, or the south-east of the city if you want to be closer to the beach.

Those beaches are certainly not as beautiful as those on the Greek islands, but for a hot summer day interspersed with visits to the main tourist attractions in Athens, they appear as a gift from the gods.

You will either love Athens as a city or you will not like it at all.

For some, the city is dirty and has too much of “everything” and for some, 2,500 years of history are at their fingertips.

The city is full of cafes, coffee bars, restaurants, gastro bars, “fast food” restaurants, so you will certainly not go hungry in this city… Neither gourmets nor others. It is mandatory to try local food, because food is what, among other things, makes a country authentic. Very popular places to drink and eat are bar-restaurants on the roofs of buildings with a view of the Acropolis that dominates most of the city.
In the vicinity of the Acropolis is Philopapu Hill, only about 15 minutes from the Acropolis. From here you have the best view of the Parthenon as well as the entire city. There is also a restaurant on the hill so you can enjoy a perfect view of Athens with coffee and food.

Athens offers a huge number of museums. Admission to some of them is free every day, and some museums have days of the week when admission is free.

As the roaming add-on for A1 can only be activated once a month, and as I relaxed a bit and played around, it was time to pay attention to the remaining internet within the purchased package. We have already inquired about local options and in order to be always online, record and share moments, I suggest buying one of the SIM cards from the operator Vodafone, where for about 10-15 euros you will get more than enough GB.

Athens has a lot to offer and if you are well organized you will manage to get the most out of it. Athens reminds many people of Belgrade, but which is on the sea, which you have to agree does not sound so bad.

Our local recommendations:

Ermou 18 Beyond the Horizon – Burgers, tacos, cocktails on the roof of the building with great music and a view of the city
Kalamakia O Elvis – the best souvlaki in Athens as far as we’re concerned
Kostas- the best gyros in Athens as far as we’re concerned
MyPlate – a great choice if you are not near Elvis or Costa
360 Cocktail bar – a rooftop bar with a great view of Monastiraki Square and the Acropolis.

Nancy’s Sweet Home – a paradise of cakes and Greek delicacies

Nikitas – traditional Greek dishes
Bolivar Beach Bar – beach, bar, open club, restaurant – 4in1
Six d.o.g.s-asia fusion plus excellent space
LUKUMAΔΕΣ-Greek donuts in 101 ways