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Dispatch nomads edition Paris

​From Gaudí’s Barcelona we are moving to the city of lights Paris. We flew from Barcelona to Paris via Vienna.
The price of the ticket was around 100 euros per person in economy class.

Upon leaving the airport, we were greeted by a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius. We took the metro and headed towards the city center where we booked the apartment.
The metro is two classes worse than the one in Barça, but who cares because – you’re in Paris!

When you get out of the subway, you immediately know you’re in Paris… On every corner there are recognizable café bars, great architecture and Parisians. Loud, interestingly dressed and merged with tourists. There are a lot of tourists and that is not strange at all because Paris has a lot to offer and is visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. Recommendation for renting apartments through the “Booking” mobile application because these days it is cheaper than it is via “Airbnb”. Paris is a big surprise because we didn’t expect to like it so much at first sight. There are many features of the city and each one leaves a special impression. The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge are all a “must see” because if you don’t see them, it’s like you haven’t been there.

Prepare comfortable sneakers, a good camera and check them out at will. The city has a good metro and bus line, which will come in handy. Worth mentioning is the part of the city of Montmartre. It is interesting to say about Montmartre that it was the meeting place of the Parisian “bohemians”. When Napoleon decided to make the most beautiful city out of Paris, he annexed this part of the city that had been a village before, and the north, in a short time became very popular for entertainment and a hangout for artists from all over the world. Among them were Picasso, Van Gogh, Modigliani…

It offers a superb view of the larger part of the city. As everywhere the food was one of the main items, and you have several options to grab a good bite. Fast food, home made options, and of course, restaurants, which are also the most expensive options. Paris is an expensive city and that’s what can spoil your image of the city itself to some extent…

It’s full of various restaurants that offer local cuisine or the cuisine of other nations. It is recommended to avoid places close to tourist attractions, because that’s where prices become unnecessarily obscenely expensive. Already 3 or 4 streets away, the prices in catering establishments are a completely different story and far more acceptable. What would certainly not be a bad thing to try in the morning is the classics, coffee and croissants. And never dip a croissant in coffee because the French don’t do that.

I have never tried a bad croissant in Paris. They are excellent. Paris also has bakeries, that is, pastry shops, where you can buy your favorite snack at any time of the day. This is one of the main habits of Parisians during their lunch break at work, returning home after a busy day or an evening walk.

Café A – great for remote work, quiet in the afternoon

Café Le Nemours – coffee, breakfast, baguette sandwiches

La Fronde – local bistro, excellent price ratio

Le Petit Marcel – classic French bistro, good atmosphere

Glace Bachir – the best ice cream, line half way up the street, you’ll have to wait a bit

I wouldn’t want to tell you more because my conclusion is that you have to experience Paris at least once in your life.