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Dispatch nomads edition Santorini

Thanks to cheap airlines, going to this Greek island is now much more affordable than before. You have cheap direct flights all summer long from Belgrade to Santorini, and the option we chose is a flight from Athens, which can also be cheap if you plan a little bit ahead. Another option is to get to Athens with your own transport, and then board the ferry with your car and continue on the way to the island.

Depending on which type you are and whether you prefer to explore along the way or getting to your destination faster is a priority. Anyone who has heard of this island has probably read all the geographical details concerning this island. We will write to you as we experienced it…

When you first land, you might be surprised because the airport is far from anything you’ve seen on social media. Besides the white houses with blue roofs portrayed on Instagram, the island itself is much more than that.

The first big impression on us was the amount of light on the island. It was as if someone had turned up the brightness of the Sun to the maximum. The wind blows constantly and is somehow inevitable and necessary, because without it the temperatures are much harder to bear. At least to us…

Is it because it is surrounded by the sea or is it all volcanic earth and stone, the air itself is somehow special. The island is small and you can go around it all if you want to. There is a bus service (local) available and you have more possibilities for renting scooters, cars, quads…

What is specific to the island is that there is no large vegetation due to the climate (if you haven’t googled Santorini before us, it is believed that it is Atlantis that disappeared due to the eruption of the volcano), i.e. of the volcanic soil on which it is located. Speaking of volcanoes, our warm recommendation is to visit the extinct volcano located in the immediate vicinity of the island. It can be reached by boats, which you can find as part of optional excursions on the island.

You will have the feeling that you have come to another planet because there is no active life on the volcano, while the smell of sulfur created by the evaporation of the water surrounding the volcano gives the whole picture a Martian note.

Due to the large number of sunny days on the island, vines are primarily represented, which are also specific because they grow on the ground and twist in a circle. All this we are telling you that you should take the time to visit and try the really great wineries and wine cellars that can be found at almost every turn. If you get the chance, try the traditional Santorinian wines. Take our word for it, you won’t regret it.

We said that we won’t go into too much detail about the places that you have already seen for yourself, they are mostly the central parts of the city where it is always crowded and you can really find a lot of great shots for taking pictures. We leave that to you to research for yourself.

What is unforgettable is the sunset, which is needless to write about. Simply, you need to experience it, and it would be ideal to do it somewhere outside the central crowd. Our suggestion is the village of Imerovigli, which has great restaurants and quiet cafes where you can, like us, work but also enjoy the view of the volcano, the sea and the sun.

Local taverns were our choice because we believe that places where locals eat are the most authentic and bring the true taste of Greece. And we can tell you that we really enjoyed it. We recommend that you end your trip to Oia at the pier at the foot of it, where there are great taverns with always fresh and traditional flavors.

The beaches are mostly black but look for red as well as white and explore a bit and enjoy the great sea because this island really isn’t just beautiful churches and houses to take pictures of.
Another interesting thing we learned is that according to the island tradition, each larger family has its own personal church.

The conclusion is that we got much more from the island than we expected. Prices on the island vary for literally everything so do your research and avoid the crowded areas.
Your wallet will be thankful…