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Dispatch nomads edition Volos

Just over two hours’ drive south of Thessaloniki by highway is needed to reach Volos.
Most of the road is a highway that is very good, with several rest stops and lined with trees, with a view of the mountains on one side and the sea on the other.
Even on a hot summer day, for those of us who don’t see the sea everyday, it’s a pleasure to drive through this kind of landscape.

Volos is a city of some 150 thousand inhabitants with a harbor at its heart. It is located at the bottom of Mount Pelion and in the very center of the Pagasteic Bay, which at times resembles the Bay of Kotor. The streets in the city are mostly at right angles and spread parallel and perpendicular from the harbor to the west, north and east.
The port itself is large and there are quite a few ferries that can take you to the surrounding islands.
As this is the center of one of the most fertile regions in Greece, next to the ferry you can also see merchant ships transporting containers.
In the other part of the port, outside the part intended for commercial transport, you will have the opportunity to see magnificent private yachts that will easily blow your mind.

You won’t find a beach in the city center, but a large number of well-kept beaches will await you 3 kilometers to the left or right of the city center.
Numerous bars on the beaches, as well as restaurants, will be there to complete your experience of the crystal clear sea.

We did a little research and found which beaches suit us best, and we looked for accommodation to be positioned between the city center and those beaches.
Through the “Booking” application, we found accommodation, got in touch with the owners and, after receiving confirmation that everything suits us, booked the same.
I have to admit that this was one of the better deals for us because the accommodation, in addition to all the other amenities, such as covered parking in the courtyard, coded locks so there was no need for keys, a spa center on the top floor from where the view of the city and the bay itself is incredible, also offered huge terraces in apartments with large tables and a workplace for four people.
This gave us conditions very similar to those we have in our office and the work simply flowed without any major hiccups.
As you’ve noticed by now, I don’t write extensively about accommodation, but we were so pleasantly surprised here that I just had to mention it.

Let’s go back to the city itself. As can be expected from a city of this size which is the center of a region, the pedestrian zone and the center itself are interspersed with a good number of branded boutiques, which made our female part of the team very happy. Restaurants and coffee bars are not far behind in number, so we men were also in a good mood.
The city has two promenades, one is in the very center, with the aforementioned boutiques. Secondly, it is located along the coast itself, and extends on two sides of the port itself.
The latter is a classic promenade where cafes and restaurants line almost the entire length.
Considering that we come from Šabac, which is a relatively small town, we somehow identified with that atmosphere here and felt very comfortable.
The boardwalks are about two or three blocks apart, and are very pleasant places to spend time after the sun goes down.
Even from our accommodation to the center itself, we were only about ten minutes away from a pleasant walk where various interesting objects were lined up.
The fact that we only heard the English language a couple of times shows how little foreign tourists visit this city. Both in the city and on the beach.

This made our surprise even greater when we saw a car with our country`s registrations in our accommodation.
It was even more pleasant when we got to know the countrymen. They are two architects who work as freelancers and travel around Europe.
Oh, what a nice meeting it was for us. An exchange of experiences, in which we were the party that absorbed their every word.
Realistically, we are, in the military term, “lizards” and they are “bumps” in this situation.

Where to go, what to avoid, what problems they encountered in their work, how they solved them. At the end of the story, they also do all their work via computer, they have deadlines to meet and the more satisfied clients they have, the better referrals they get for further projects. Honestly, I was expecting to meet a programmer who lives and works as a nomad, but this moment just tells how all occupations today are moving to the digital environment.

Of course, this text will not be without recommendations of facilities that we think are definitely worth a visit while you are in Volos.

the village of Makrinica – the village itself is located about 20 minutes by car from the city. generally not that far as the road is steep and requires slow and careful driving. believe me, every meter you walk there is worth it, the view of the city and the bay literally takes your breath away.
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Bohemia Seaside Luxury – is located some six kilometers from the center of Volos. We tried several different beaches in Volos, but this is the only one we kept coming back to. I tell you most honestly that I have never seen such a high-quality and organized facility on the beach in my life. In addition to a bar with a garden, a lounge bar, a restaurant where everyone can eat at the moment there are five chefs ready to tickle your taste buds, you will also find two beach volleyball courts as well as two professional tennis courts. All grounds are free to use, sunbeds are not charged, and in order to use the canopies, you need to order something with a total value of 20 euros during the day while you are there. The staff are mostly young people who know English and are very pleasant. We spent most of our time in their bar and restaurant where we did a good deal of work on our laptops. Ah, yes. Food is a pure ten!
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Ouzo Therapy – there are many places in Volos where you can spend your money well and be satisfied with it. But this one just has that local charm where you feel like part of the community. Even if all you know of Greek is “efharisto”! Seafood and tora fruits in one place, along with excellent Greek ouzo or tsipouro, which the Greek women (at the table next to us) drink like lemonade.