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Dispatch nomads – road back home edition

As we found ourselves back in Athens, and collected our cars from the airport parking lot, it was time to head home.

As per the previous plan, the rest stop was again Thessaloniki, to which we are returning this time like some old acquaintances. One day in Thessaloniki was quite enough for us to refresh ourselves and recharge our batteries for the journey ahead.

Dividing the road into two stages, about 6 hours from Athens to Thessaloniki, with a break, and about 9 hours from Thessaloniki to Šabac with a break and borders seemed the most logical plan to us.

Although we dispatch drivers who can drive a thousand kilometers in a day, we are still not in that condition (not even with a car), so we decided on a safer option.

During the drive back, we collected impressions and talked about our experiences on this road. The impressions of the places we visited slowly overpowered the impressions of working out of office.

There were many challenges and it cannot be said that they were rare. The office is still a controlled work environment that offers a lot in terms of comfort and ease of work.

Some lacked workspace because they simply couldn’t get used to working on a laptop without a mouse, others lacked ergonomic chairs and were uncomfortable, and for some the internet was simply not fast enough to work smoothly.

All in all, working from the office is definitely unsurpassed, first of all because the focus is without interruptions and distractions, and in addition to many other benefits, it simply gives the opportunity to overcome work obligations faster and easier.

On the other hand, as a team and all individually, we were up to the task. To do it from such unfamiliar locations in terms of work required a lot more effort than usual.

The job of a dispatcher requires access to certain information at specific moments, which should be properly used and turned into benefits for your drivers and your company.

All the actions of other people in that logistics chain depend on the information that the dispatcher organizes and passes on. So a clear head in full focus is the best way to get the job done correctly and without mistakes.

We also took into account that this is our first “working excursion” of this type, and that next time we can prepare even better.

You already noticed that I wrote “next time”. Yes, yes, that is the common impression. We all want to do this again.
As they say, they worked and gave more of themselves than they give every day from the office, just to be at the same level, and besides, they would do it all over again.

The general impression is that despite all the effort they put in every day, this adventure made them feel like they didn’t work a day.

Another general impression is that everyone can’t wait to get back to the office.
What have I done to these people?! 🙂
Who else can’t wait to get back to work?!

Lest we be writing science fiction here, please understand that we have all been away from home for a good month and that has made us long for our daily routines. Even if some of them involved going to work.

I hope you found our summer journeys interesting and enjoyed reading about our travels as much as we enjoyed going through them.
We plan to repeat them next year, and maybe even record them in order to convey the impressions to you as faithfully as possible.

All the best and until the next reading!