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Nemanja Suzic

My name is Nemanja Suzić. I attended a course at MyCER consulting for a dispatcher. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to work online. Very soon after enrolling in the course, you will see that it really consists of a handful of information that is very useful for work. Which I hope you will do in the future. The guys are professional, they are great experts, they work in that industry, so a warm recommendation to everyone.

Aleksandar Ristovski

Hello, I’m Alexander from Macedonia. I completed this dispatcher course in the MyCER company. Everything was explained perfectly, and you have all the recommendations from me.

Drazen Manojlovic

My name is Drazen Manojlovic.  I completed the online training-course for a dispatcher in the My-CER company. Immediately after that, I made a CV.  And started to send my CV to dispatching companies on “INFOSTUD” from Serbia that work for the USA market.  I can only praise the MY-CER company because I learned more than enough from their training course.  And I can only recommend to everyone that, if they plan to work in dispatching, they must complete the course.  And after sending my CV, within two days I received a bunch of calls.  I went to a couple of interviews and after one day I already found a job and started working.

Filip Makevic

Hi, I’m Filip, I’m on a MyCer dispatch training, I’m currently at a quarter of the course, the lessons are clear, explained in detail. As for the support, the guys are great, they react quickly to every question, I am satisfied with everything and you have all the recommendations from me.

Majda Mehmedovic

Hello everyone, my name is Majda and I have chosen to become a dispatcher. What attracted me the most towards this occupation were the great working conditions, working hours and the possibility of working from home. On my way, the team from MyCer Consulting provided me with absolute support, because in addition to transferring knowledge, they also transfer good energy, self-confidence and a lot of informal information that can be of great benefit to your progress in business. If you want to be a part of it, my recommendation is MyCer Consulting.

Ognjen Trejgut

Hello, my name is Ognjen, and I completed the dispatch training at MyCer. I can say with certainty that you will not find a better course anywhere. Best recommendations, and I found a job even before I finished the course.

Kristina Topalovic

Hello, my name is Kristina Topalovic. I finished the MyCer dispatch training. Fellas were great, everything was clearly explained. Soon after the training, I found a job, and I recommend these fellas to everyone.

Djordje Mitic

Hey folks,
I’m Đorđe, I finished the dispatch training in MyCer company and found myself a job shortly afterwards. The training was top notch, the teachers were considerable, and I recommend them to everyone.

Mario Djuric

Hi, I am Mario, I recently underwent dispatch training at MyCer Consulting Agency. The final impressions after the training are more than excellent, you will get everything in one place from a professional approach to the final treatment. Their goal is to expel a responsible, well-informed and ambitious dispatcher with a desire for further progress, all in the service of further development of the trucking industry. So, whoever seriously wants to deal with this, my recommendation is MyCer Consulting.

Filip Mijailovic

Hello everyone,
I completed the dispatch course. In addition to good training and good knowledge of instructors, it is one of the few courses that ends with laughter and jokes, and everything goes smoothly and without problems. I would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to do this job.

Dejan Cvetinovic

My name is Dejan Cvetinović. I completed the dispatch training in MyCer Consulting. I will say only the words of praise for the training and for the professional approach during the training that lasted a month. Afterwards, I managed to find a job in no-time, and I was ready to tackle my duties without any issues, because I received great knowledge during training. Shortly thereafter, like I said, I found a job, and I’ve been working in the industry for two years, advancing day by day. Best recommendations for MyCer Consulting training for truck dispatch within the US.

Jovan Lukic

I am Jovan Lukić, and I completed the MyCer Consulting dispatch training. I got employed short after the training, and when it comes to the guys teaching me – I can only say the best. To everyone looking to get a job in this sort of industry, I recommend going to these guys.

Kozlicic Djordje

I completed the dispatch training final test for dispatcher role within the company MyCer, with a representative office in Sabac, which lasted 30 days. Something you will learn through this training is how to master and develop your negotiation and communication skills, primarily in relation to brokers, drivers, factoring companies, some of your other colleagues from your company as well as from other companies. You will also learn how to be extremely professional, how to build business relationships with people very well and with quality, and how to find the right tours for your clients and your drivers as quickly, efficiently and efficiently as possible and efficiently.
Why did I choose MyCer? MyCer is a company that is a recommendation from one of my friends, and I think that in the beginning all my expectations that I had regarding my view of this business were met. So, the guys, Mihailo Popov and Ivan Markovic are extremely professional, strict, precise, they have exceptional communication and negotiation skills, I think you can learn very, very, very much from them. You will get great attention, dedication from the guys, and when it comes to time and dedication to you, you don’t have to worry about that. You will also learn from them how to raise this business to another level, how to be as successful, as good and efficient as possible in this business. Because of all this, my recommendation is MyCer. Best regards. Bye.

Milos Polic

Hey folks, My name’s Miloš Polić, and I completed the MyCer dispatch training. The teachers were great, they taught me everything in detail, and short thereafter I got a job. Bye.